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Dr. Md. Majibar Rahman No Demand

Dr. Halimur Rashid No Demand

Dr. ahmed ashafuddoula No demand

Md. Naymul no-demand

NOC of Dr. Rownak

NOC of Atiqur Rahman

NOC of Dr. Kamal Hossain

SZMC Studios launched

SZMC Studios has been created with the objective to fuel and empower the creative ideas of the medical students of SZMC. So far, only...   Read More

College receives WiFi update

The college committee on wifi has announced that the major parts of the college building is now under the wifi connectivity. We hope this...   Read More

SZMC in WiFi

Thanks to the decision of the committee on wifi, SZMC is proud to announce the mark of the wifi generation. The initial coverage of...   Read More

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