Message From Vice Principal

Dr. Sushanta Kumar Sarkar_vp

The teaching hospital of Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College aims at the utmost and excellent individual health care to all the patients in the hospital which has very efficient doctors in all the branches of medicine and is well equipped with the latest lab facilities. It has the vision and plan for making it into one of the best multispecialty teaching hospitals in Bangladesh. Charity to the poor and needy persons will be part of the service of the hospital.

This institute has great commitment to provide top class medical education and quality research to the students with the help of eminent and experienced teachers. To add on, good number of clinical material and an impressive very big library with thousands of relevant medical books and many foreign journals, apart from local ones are available. Safety hostels with all the facilities for a comfortable stay and nice food are available for the students within the campus of the institute. A pleasant and healthy atmosphere is expected.

We are keen on maintaining students’ discipline and dedication in studies. Moral and ethical values in medical service are preached. All academic programs will be regularly conducted. Sports and extracurricular activities will be encouraged.

We assure that all efforts will be taken to achieve the goal of producing the most efficient and prominent world class doctors.

Dr. Sushanta Kumar Sarkar
Vice Principal